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Pressure Vessel


English: pressure vessel

Industrial equipment that has specific process functions and withstands a certain pressure is called a pressure vessel. Storage containers, reaction vessels, heat exchange containers and separation vessels are all pressure vessels. In order to distinguish it from general containers (normal pressure containers), only containers that satisfy the following three conditions at the same time are called pressure containers:

(1) The maximum working pressure (Pw) (Note 1) is greater than or equal to 0.1Mpa (excluding the hydrostatic pressure, the same below);

(2) The inner diameter (the non-He-shaped section refers to its maximum size) is greater than or equal to 0.15m, and the volume (V) (Note 2) is greater than or equal to 0.25m3;

(3) The holding medium is a gas liquefied gas or a liquid having a maximum operating temperature higher than or equal to the normal boiling point.

The use of pressure vessels is very extensive.

It is an equipment that plays an important role in various sectors of the national economy such as petrochemical industry, energy industry, scientific research, and military industry. The pressure vessel generally consists of six parts: a cylinder body, a sealing head, a flange, a sealing element, an opening and a receiving pipe, and a bearing. In addition, safety devices, meters, and internals that perform different production processes are also provided.

Due to the reasons such as sealing, pressure and medium, pressure vessels are prone to explosions, fires and fires, which endanger the safety of personnel, equipment and property, and accidents that pollute the environment. At present, all countries in the world classify it as an important supervisory inspection product. Specialized agencies designated by the state implement supervision and inspection and technical inspection in accordance with state regulations and standards.

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